Catch Pete Live

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I’ll keep you posted if/when/where I’m playing next.

Songwriting and performing music are true passions for me–something I figured out a long time ago–but alas, they don’t pay the bills and I haven’t quit my day job. IMG_5483MohawkPlaceThat’s just me.

I try to play an occasional gig or Open Mic in and around Buffalo, which I love to do, but it’s pretty rare. Most of my musical energy is used up on songwriting, practicing, and if all is going well, spending time in the recording studio. Thanks to the Internet, I have been able to offer my music to anyone in the vast global audience who cares to listen, and it has been a real (albeit penniless) thrill for me that more than a few folks have found my songs and, in their own unique ways, shown their appreciation for them.



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