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This is Subway Cameo. Released February 2016. Here’s the back story for this song: If you have ever seen the film Citizen Kane, you undoubtedly know about “Rosebud” and the plot line of searching for its elusive meaning. At one point, the reporter charged with chasing the Rosebud story interviews Kane’s general manager, Mr. Bernstein (played by Everett Sloane), who shares with the reporter this memory: “A fellow will remember a lot of things you wouldn’t think he’d remember” Mr. Bernstein says. “You take me. One day, back in 1896, I was crossing over to Jersey on the ferry, and as we pulled out, there was another ferry pulling in, and on it there was a girl waiting to get off. A white dress she had on. She was carrying a white parasol. I only saw her for one second. She didn’t see me at all, but I’ll bet a month hasn’t gone by since that I haven’t thought of that girl.” (courtesy IMDb) Fast forward a bit to Summer 2015, I was riding on an express train in NYC. While blasting through the tunnels, another train suddenly appeared alongside mine, traveling the same speed, same direction. In this other train, a young woman  was sitting by herself reading. We were facing each other, sitting right across from one another, but on different trains. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Not in a creepy, lecherous way. I was simply…taken. She never looked up from her book. And just as fast as her train appeared next to mine, after this brief moment, it was gone. It’s that tiny moment that this song is about. And to that young woman, wherever you are, thank you. The first video I’ve found to use Subway Cameo comes from some talented and creative television broadcasting students from Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada who used Cameo for a school project. Nice work everybody!

This is Gypsy Cab. It has been quite a hit for me since its release on blocSonic in July 2014. I am pleased to find that it has been used in a variety of creative and interesting video projects by people from many different parts of the world. The producers of this promotional video for the 2015 Digital Images Summit in Paris chose Gypsy Cab for the video’s score. In this video, bs450014-covera adventuresome group of mountain bikers tackle the south face of Mont Ventoux in France with Gypsy Cab in tow. Funny, the song begins with “Heading downtown…” but for this video, just think: “Heading downhill.” Gamers seem to like setting their first-person destruction to this song… like in this video here, or here. The creators of this promotional video used Gypsy Cab for some 4×4 event just south of Toulouse, France. A rider in Auvergne kicks up the mud on a quad with Gypsy Cab in the background in this video. A charming group of young people in Rennes made this awesome video that they called “Crazy Street” and it uses Gypsy Cab as the soundtrack to their sprint through this beautiful city in northwestern France. Here’s Chloe, an adorable young woman from France, who used Gypsy Cab to track her L’Oreal brush contest submission. Bonne chance ! Click here to see this video of mountain bikers in France as they “Randonnée de la Mogette” (Bike/Hike the Mogette) with Gypsy Cab coming along for the ride. Here’s a Behind the Scenes (les coulisses du tournage) video of a movie called The Gift and they chose Gypsy Cab to lay in the back. I can’t tell what the hell is going on, but they used my song so who cares?

This is Back from ’91, a song I released on blocSonic in May 2013. These folks from Bridgeport, Texas used Back from ’91 for their back country 4x4ing video. Hardy rock-climbing ornithologists in Ontario, Canada used Back from ’91 for their documentary video on peregrine falcon banding. I love both of these videos because they meld the beautiful and humbling experience of being out in nature and that spirit is something I tried to get into the song. Here’s a downright charming video from Denmark that also uses Back from ’91The woman in the video exudes confidence. She’s definitely a car buff. I never really thought of this song as a road tune, but this video makes me think otherwise.

Here are some other songs of mine that have been used by folks in the global YouTube community. A Place Holder was used for this Document Your Life video. While I don’t know the country of origin, the comments are written in Portuguese. This video also uses A Place Holder. Again, I’m not sure the country, but the comments are in Spanish. This is another bucolic, picturesque Document Your Life video from Germany that uses A Place Holder. For more information on Document Your Life, click here. Here’s a video that uses Time Lines as a part of a great bicycling “mix tape” called Riding on the West Wind shot in beautiful Hawai’i. The songs are a great mix of upbeat and downbeat/chill and Time Lines comes in at time stamp 29:45. When I wrote Time Lines I had the image of being on my motorcycle on the open road with no traffic and this video really captures that. The maker of this video decided to use Time Lines for a DIY instructional on how to make watermelon shorts. This video has had over 100,000 views, and when you see how cute the shorts are, you’ll understand why. This video, produced by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano (Gypsy Secretariat Foundation), shines a light on various Roma persons as they share their day-to-day living and working conditions and experiences. I am honored that this awesome social justice foundation chose to include Time Lines in their video.

This page is dedicated to everyone who embraces the idea of sharing creative projects and promoting positive human expression. I’m always on the lookout for when my music is selected to be a part of those endeavors. It is a very special feeling for me as a songwriter to become a part of other people’s artistic visions and ideas. If you use my music, please let me know!  Click here for all of my released material, available for full preview and download. Check back to this site for news and information. Follow me on Twitter for instant updates. There is always more to come. Peace.

WANT TO USE PETE LUND’s MUSIC FOR YOUR PROJECT? PLEASE NOTE: Any project that is to include songs, in part or in whole, written and published by Peter Jonathan “Pete” Lund MUST be devoid of any and all exploitation of persons by persons, devoid of any exploitation of animals, depiction of cruelty, and must be devoid of any profiteering whatsoever. In the never-ending quest to eradicate plagiarism, in the spirit of good music-sharing etiquette, when using songs by any Creative Commons artist, take care to ensure that you:

1. Credit the artist by name: “Music by Pete Lund”

2. Give the name of the song that is used: “Gypsy Cab”

3. Include a link to the artist’s webpage, or the link to where you found the song: “”

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