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“Unofficial” Subway Cameo Video Released

A television broadcasting student from Conestoga College in Ontario kindly contacted me to let me know he used “Subway Cameo” for a video project. This is the first video project for my latest single (that I know of). A really nice production, really well done and thoughtful. It’s always appreciated when folks who use Creative Commons music have the decency to contact the songwriter (not everyone does) — for it not only lets us know that a song of ours has been used, but it gives us a chance to actually check out what the project maker has taken time to put together. It’s all about sharing. The students found “Subway Cameo” on FMA, a great source for Creative Commons music. And make sure to check out blocSonic, my home-base Netlabel that never tires of helping me get my music all dolled up and ready for the web world of music. Cheers to our videographer friends to the north for their “unofficial” video of “Subway Cameo”. Check out their video!

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