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“Gypsy Cab” 185,000 Hits and Counting

I am very pleased to announce that “Gypsy Cab” has reached over 185,000 hits/ “listens” (écoutes) and over 15,000 downloads (telechargements) on Auboutdufil.com, an outstanding netmusic site in France. Thank you Auboutdufil.com for picking up “Gypsy Cab” and featuring it on your site! Haven’t checked out Auboutdufil.com before? You should. Take some time to browse and listen, and you’ll quickly find music to enjoy. I guarantee it. They offer a great selection of Creative Commons music, featuring all genres from around the world. Un excellent site de musique! 175,000 et de comptage!

On this side of the pond, I’d like to thank Mike G. — music curator of homegrown American netlabel, blocSonic — who tirelessly seeks out and promotes the very best in Creative Commons music. Visit blocSonic and browse around, you’ll be glad you did. I’m proud to be a part of the blocSonic family. Thanks also to Alex at APS Mastering for his brilliant work on “Gypsy Cab”. Special thanks to my friend, engineer, and co-producer, Mark at Sound Garrison Recording Studio. Without his vision and perseverance to build a studio of our own, none of this would be happening. And importantly, I’d like to thank YOU the listener and visitor to this site. Without listeners, without people who actively seek out music, what’s the point? 

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