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PodCasting in the UK and Watermelon Short Shorts

I just found a really cool podcast site in the UK called The BugCast and was thrilled that they picked up “A Place Holder” for their bugcast #275 “Companionable Compositions”. You should listen to the whole cast and browse around the site–don’t forget to subscribe if you like–and “Place Holder” starts about 10:00 minutes in and then afterwards, the folks at BugCast have some nice things to say. (And I really should work on my Bio!) Cheers to the UK and the good people at BugCast! It’s a real trip to hear folks in South Yorkshire mention Buffalo!

Also, there’s a DIY video on YouTube that shows you how to make your very own watermelon shorts, and really, what could be cooler than that? Actually they’re not watermelon shorts, they are watermelon SHORT shorts (and all I can say about that is… meow!). These nice short-making folks used “Time Lines” to score their video, thanks! A really nicely done video!

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